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NCAA Baseball Tournament 2017 scores and bracket: Sam Houston State cannot and will not stop

Florida got knocked off on Sunday night by Bethune-Cookman, but the No. 3 overall national seed Gators in the end prevailed over the Wildcats to earn a super regional bid. The Gators will host Wake Forest next weekend in Gainesville for a best of three series and claiming rights to the College World Series in Omaha proper. Well now.

The Fayetteville regional was an under-the-radar dogfight, and in the end Missouri State of all teams came out on top. The Bears required just three pitchers to down the Hogs at home, and three separate batters handled the day’s scoring. These Bears are bad news, and we’re not even sorry.

This is a lesson for the Wendy’s Twitter account. It’s at a disadvantage when someone starts with the diarrhea jokes. Stay away from the diarrhea jokes. Disengage.

After that there was another missed swing from Wendy’s that the A’s ignored, which forced Wendy’s to come back with an olive branch. The A’s agreed to hug it out:
And that’s the story of the Great Apostrophe Brand War of 2017. You are now dumber, but the headline alone was worth it.

When your business is ground beef produced in mass quantities, there are certain words you should avoid using in your Brand Wars. The A’s taught everyone an important lesson, and Wendy’s should be grateful.

Strasburg was unable to avenge his lost opportunity during the meeting between the Dodgers and the Nationals in the 2016 NLDS because of the latest in his plague of injuries. Kershaw, however, will haunt the hearts of every National on that postseason roster.

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