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Minor league team apologizes for mercilessly mocking Tim Tebow all game

Tim Tebow’s baseball career will probably always be overshadowed by his football career, but that comes with the territory of being a Heisman-winning quarterback turned NFL bust turned minor league baseball player.

Over the weekend, Tebow’s Columbia Fireflies team took on a team in Charleston, S.C., and the RiverDogs took the opportunity to mess with Tebow all night. First, they used his infamous crying picture on its jumbotron. To refresh your memory, that photo made the rounds heavily on the internet after Florida’s loss to Alabama in the 2009 SEC Championship Game.

Before the game, Parker would throw a strike for her ceremonial first pitch, but that wasn’t the only cool part of her day she also got to meet more Royals players and coaches.

Since Parker grew up just 15 minutes from the Royals’ stadium, that was undoubtedly cool.

I think it’s like a childhood dream come true to get to meet the players. I don’t think I could’ve ever thought of any of that in my wildest dreams to get to interact with them that much, she said.

The Sooners ace is making a name for herself as one of college softball’s best pitchers this past season, she pitched to a record of 26-5 with a 1.43 ERA.

So it’s no wonder the Royals were impressed Parker can definitely throw.

George Steinbrenner was suspended from running the team because he paid a detective $40,000 to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield. Don Mattingly was hurt, and his career went downhill, even though he was just 29. Deion Sanders was hitting .158 for some reason.

And they lost a game 4-0 without allowing a hit. That was the 1990 Yankees. They never recovered except for all the times they did.

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