Dave Gettleman making the Giants feared again, as promised

For a short while there, after prized guard Andrew Norwell spurned the man who raised him from a pup for Tom Coughlin, of all people, Giants fans were in a panic wondering whether Dave Gettleman himself might have to become a plug-and-play general manager.

It is a smart move by Gettleman because it was the only move, because once again there are no offensive tackles in the draft to trust to keep Manning upright. Oklahoma’s ponderous Orlando Brown ran a 5.63 40 at his Pro Day on Wednesday, and that was Usain Bolt-like after his 5.85 Combine debacle.

Solder will be the most dependable, professional left-tackle bodyguard for Manning since David Diehl.

And if Pat Shurmur isn’t blowing smoke about Manning having years left at age 37 to chase a Super Bowl, planting Solder in front of him and moving Flowers to the right side or inside or anywhere else will give him a fighting chance.

Imagine this: He might actually have time in the pocket to eat a pepperoni pizza and get the ball to Odell Beckham Jr.!

The NCAA is currently exploring a rule change that would allow the receiving team to fair catch a kickoff inside the 25-yard line and have it treated as a touchback. The idea behind the rule is that it would reduce the number of kickoff returns, and therefore the number of collisions on kickoff returns, and therefore the number of injuries on kickoff returns.

It was college football that led the way on the rule that moved touchbacks on kickoffs out to the 25-yard line, rather than the 20-yard line. The NFL followed suit and adopted the 25-yard line rule.

If college football also adopts this new touchback rule, and it seems to work well, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the NFL do it as well. The NFL has said that its injury data shows that kickoffs result in more head and neck injuries per play than any other play in football, and the league wants to reduce those injuries. Touchbacks aren’t as exciting as kickoff returns, so not all fans would be on board, but the league will surely keep an eye on this NCAA proposal.

I’ve been doing everything I can while I haven’t been playing, Ellsbury said.I’ve been taking BP, hitting in the cage. My oblique feels great, so I’m looking forward to getting back on the field. I’ll talk about that with Aaron.

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