Some see Josh Rosen as the best quarterback prospect, with a caveat

With all the recent attention on incoming quarterbacks like Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, and Josh Allen, one guy is getting overlooked. Perhaps he shouldn’t be.

A scout with a team that won’t be in the market for a first-round quarterback tells PFT that Rosen is the best overall throwing prospect in the upcoming draft. (Rosen will be showing of his throwing skills on Saturday during the Scouting Combine.)

If you’re wondering what kind of advantage Artur Sitkowski and Jalen Chatman have as early-enrolled freshmen quarterbacks in Rutgers spring camp, consider offensive coordinator John McNulty’s take:

There’s a lot to work through for those (freshmen) guys in terms of just calling plays in the huddle, taking snaps under center,” McNulty said. There’s just a lot of little things never mind the big things that they have to deal with. I don’t know what would’ve happened if they didn’t get here early. Because (if) they got here in June or July, they’re kind of on their own (workout schedule). I just think all the work we’ve done in two months — and we’ve got four more weeks of spring ball left — it’s invaluable really. It gives them a big advantage.”

Johnathan Lewis ?didn’t have that same advantage. At this time last year, Lewis was wrapping up his senior year at St. Peter’s Prep while occasionally stopping by to watch a Rutgers spring practice from the sideline.

As NFL Network launched its coverage of the Scouting Combine’s Saturday workouts, the broadcasting operation that depends on incoming rookies choosing to fully participate in the workouts offered up, via its primary draft analyst, an editorial on the decision of former USC quarterback Sam Darnold to not throw.

Ultimately, it bugs those who fully embrace the mostly meaningless pre-draft workouts because it provides them less of what they want, especially when it comes to filling up the allotted TV time. The fact that we never hear anyone from the Draft Industrial Media Complex criticize the decision of players to refuse to participate in the much more valuable private workouts proves this dynamic. No one from the media complains about the lack of private workouts because, unlike the Scouting Combine and Pro Day workouts, the media doesn’t get to see the private workouts.

No, the Scouting Combine isn’t a competition. It’s a job qualification system for an inherently unsafe job with an audition process that entails a degree of physical risk. It’s like telling a prospective coal miner to go 3,000 feet underground with a pick and a shovel for a week or two, for free, so that the boss can decide how well the potential miner can mine coal.

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