Raiders draft Gareon Conley in first round despite sexual assault investigation

He can also be better in run support — tackling is not a strength at this point, although his frame suggests it could be one day. Conley is still raw, having only started really playing football his sophomore year of high school. It was his athleticism on the basketball court that got his high school football coach’s attention, and it was watching Conley at basketball practice that sold Urban Meyer on the athlete.

The biggest and most obvious problem with Webb is the offense that he played in. The biggest success story in the history of Air Raid offenses is Nick Foles, while the list of disappointments includes Tim Couch, Brandon Weeden and John Beck, among others.

It’s a system that often asks quarterbacks to get the ball to Cheap Soccer Jerseys Size Xxl playmakers on short passes, doing very little to test the passers’ aptitude as a tactician capable of diagnosing and analyzing opposing schemes.

“I think it’s not gonna be a problem for Davis,” said Chad Hansen, his top receiver last year at Cal and a fellow draft prospect. “Obviously, he’s been in air raid offenses all his college career, at Texas Tech and here. But he’s such a student of the game, and I think that he’ll be able to pick up any type of offense that’s thrown at him.

The other way to look at it is that not all of these players has to have a good season. And the only way the White Sox were going to contend, the only reasoning behind my argument from November, was if all of these players hit. Not one. Not most of them. They needed a parlay, right down the line. Abreu would have needed to slug 30 or 40 dingers. Cabrera would have had to hold his value. Quintana would have needed to be a sneaky-ace. Anderson would have to saw through the chrysalis, and Rodon would have to develop into a reliable starter instead of an erratic slider machine.

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