Jack Del Rio: Five times Amari Cooper got ‘wide open, shook his guy’, wanted to see him get ball more

It’s no secret Amari Cooper hasn’t been reliable with the ball this season. He had seven drops this season coming into the game Sunday against the Ravens. Even still, there has been no indication the Raiders were going to stop looking his way. Yet he saw just two targets with one catch in the game.

At his first news conference after the injury, a still-shaken Zimmer said his team would mourn for a day and move on. If anything, this meant his players needed to recommit to the mission. No one is going to feel sorry for us, or cry, he said. I’m not going to feel sorry for us either. He said he’d spoken with his mentor, Bill Parcells, for advice on how to deal with the trauma his team experienced. He said he spoke with his deceased father in spirit. As he continued, the coach in him drained from his eyes.

In this space last week, I laid out the case for the New York Giants moving on from Jerry Reese after this season.

But I also made the point that changing GMs doesn’t automatically mean changing coaches, and that two years on McAdoo would be too small a sample size. Week 6 proved my point. McAdoo was taking a lot of heat this time last week, and it got worse as the week went on because of the Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie discipline issue. But the proof is in the pudding, and the display the Giants put on Sunday night in dominating the Broncos in Denver shows that McAdoo pulled off an NFL head coach’s No. 1 job. He had his team completely ready to play in Sunday night’s upset at Denver.

The discipline of Rodgers-Cromartie was, Giants coaches believed, necessary to send a message that turning your back on teammates won’t be tolerated. The decision to hand over playcalling to offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan was a case of a head coach swallowing his pride and realizing his attention was needed for the bigger picture.

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