Lazy baseball bird refused to move until it was touched by a glove

It used to be that birds on the baseball field knew. They heard tales of Randy Johnson obliterating them from the mound, or being struck in the outfield but these lazy young birds have no respect for history. Just look at this effing bird.

This avian lollygagger refused to flap its wings until Paul Goldschmidt came over and tapped it on the back. On the one hand it’s nice to see a bird that’s not afraid of people, on the other it could have interrupted a very important play in a baseball game. Where’s the respect?

Lazy bird. Foul indeed.

But abandon hope all ye who enter a post of draft grades. There are gremlins in the elbow of this pitcher. There are holes in the swing of that hitter that will never be filled. There are problems that will not be fixed. For 700 picks, there will be problems that will not be fixed.

And then there will be All-Stars mixed in.

Even if we hope that all of these players thrive, that there isn’t a single miss anywhere in the first round, that just means the level of competition will have risen, and the failure will trickle down to the players who would have otherwise been successful.

In this respect, then, the Beavers are primed to make the CWS’ final weekend, since they enjoy the everyday bats of Steven Kwan and Nick Madrigal and a .412 slugging percentage. Oregon State won’t outscore you to death (they averaged just 6.1 runs per game this year), but the club also won’t be giving up many runs in the pitcher-friendly TD Ameritrade Stadium in Omaha, which, with winds blowing in from direct center, always plays bigger than teams’ home ballparks. Oregon State can indeed manufacture runs and build up scoring flurries with the best of the field.

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