Matt Ryan’s camp marks ‘the start’ of Falcons’ rebound

I thought I did some really good things. But like every week, you look at the film and say, “All right, I could have done two or three things better.” It’s trying to improve one percent every time you put your cleats on the field.

There are tons of things I can get better at. I feel I can get more accurate in certain situations. I can Cheap Kids Soccer Jerseys make better decisions. That’s stuff I’m going to work hard on whether it’s in the meeting room or practice field — specific little areas where I can get my footwork just a touch better in position to throw the ball or have better mechanics. Those are all things work on this time of year and I think they pay off during the season.

Your personal quarterbacks coach, Adam Dedeaux, is here with you in South Florida for the second straight year. How is that helping you?

I get a chance to work with him a number of times throughout the offseason. We talk all the time about finding specific Cheap Liverpool Soccer Jerseys little things each day to focus in on. Don’t worry about everything else — just try to get a little better at this thing this day. That narrow focus really helps me prepare and work on things that are actually going to help me improve.

It was 30 years ago when the University of Miami football team rebounded by finishing the 1987 season No. 1 after it squandered chances to win national championships with bowl-game losses the previous two seasons. Images of star Hurricanes from that era are featured on banners lining the school’s practice fields, where a flock of Falcons are conducting workouts organized by quarterback Matt Ryan.

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