Steve Kerr discredits Warriors ‘sources’ criticizing Thunder’s Kevin Durant treatment

Warriors coach Steve Kerr isn’t sure where “sources” got the idea that his team was upset over how Kevin Durant was treated by the Thunder in February.

“[Thunder GM] Sam Presti’s a friend of mine. I know [Thunder chairman] Clay Bennett, it’s a class organization all the way. So I don’t really pay any attention to a story like that unless there’s an actual name that’s put on,” Kerr said during Monday shootaround. “I assume it’s just sources? Sources? So I don’t know who that is. It’s nobody with the Warriors. So, we have great respect for the Thunder. Sam’s been a friend of mine forever. They’re first class, so I don’t know where that comes from.”

“We’ve got to hold back. We can’t show our hand early because … these are some good teams and we don’t want them to be able to come into a (playoff) series and be able to adjust to what we do,” Lue said, per “We just have to be able to play our normal defense until we get there and then we will see what happens.”

How bad has that “normal defense” been? The Cavs rank 23rd in defensive efficiency for the season, and since March 1, they are 29th out of 30 teams, ahead of only the Lakers.

In addition to allowing John Wall to drop 37 points on them and the Wizards to shoot 60 percent from the field, the Cavs were outrebounded 40-32 on Saturday. They rank 17th in the league in rebound margin at -0.7 per game.

“I think the rebounding hurt us,” Lue said. “But it will be Online Cheap Jerseys different once some other things happen. … We have something to fix that. Just not right now.”

Unfortunately for Cavs fans, Lue isn’t sure his solution is Pittsburgh Steelers Cheap Jerseys actually a solution, offering this less-than-comforting comment: “I’m not confident, but we got to (get the defense fixed).”

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