Month: January 2018

LA has always been there for Paul.

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I got him with the okey-dokey, cut up and scored about 40 yards, Hurts recalled. I’m going to work just like that. I’ve been rolling ever since. Back during his Indiana days, Brian Shaw and George would spend hours together talking about Bryant’s work ethic and how he led Los Angeles to five NBA titles….

Oakland finally strings together a long drive but it ends with no points.

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We’re back for the second half in Oakland. Cordarrelle Patterson returns the kickoff 100 yards to the end zone but the play is negated by a holding penalty. The Raiders will instead start their drive at their 10. We’ve got a great group of guys here, he said, and I think we’re all excited to…

The naysayers calling out the Cowboys for dragging out the Ezekiel Elliott appeals and delaying his suspension were premature.

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Here the Cowboys are now, on a three-game win streak and with Elliott back. Dak Prescott is no longer an anchor around the offense’s neck. Dez Bryant keeps popping up and resembling his old self. The Seahawks, meanwhile, have been a shadow of their old selves the last two weeks. If they’re going to find…

Go back 30 years. That’s the last time both the Bengals and the Browns truly knew what the hell they were doing.

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Both teams had winning records in 1988, part of a four-year stretch in which either the Browns or Bengals played in the AFC championship game. It’s true. All of it. They knew what the hell they were doing because they knew who they were. That started with head coaches Marty Schottenheimer and Sam Wyche, old-school…

How big of a motivating factor is getting the top seed in the AFC

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Gronkowski: He’s a great player and a great player to have on the team. I’m not sure, that’s up to our defensive coordinator to scheme up. I’m on the offensive side of the ball, so I’m just worried about what’s going on on the offense and what I can do to help out. Gronkowski: It’s…

This isn’t the first time Blackson has spoken out about their family issues.

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Last week, he told NJ Advance Media that some of Apple’s spirals have been as a result of an abrupt falling out between his mother and stepfather, Tim Apple, leading to a divorce. One of the biggest reasons Eli is declining so much this year as opposed to last year is (Tim’s absence), Blackson said….


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