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Minor league team apologizes for mercilessly mocking Tim Tebow all game

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Tim Tebow’s baseball career will probably always be overshadowed by his football career, but that comes with the territory of being a Heisman-winning quarterback turned NFL bust turned minor league baseball player. Over the weekend, Tebow’s Columbia Fireflies team took on a team in Charleston, S.C., and the RiverDogs took the opportunity to mess with…

Oregon State catcher makes amazing diving catch of a bunt to start a double play

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The College World Series proper officially kicked off in Omaha on Saturday, and Oregon State drew Cal State Fullerton as their opponent in the opening early session. The Titans got up on the Beavers in the first half of the game, 5-1, with the help of a three-run bomb to left center and a two-run…

Kershaw forced 2016’s best hitter

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Mr. Met has every right to be furious about the monster he is and the world he was born into, and yet he’s there every day, doing his best and trying to be happy. He’s asked to dress like a player, and never gets to play the game. The team has never found a hat…

The Yankees and Red Sox face off in a battle for 1st place

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The Yankees and Red Sox begin a three-game series Tuesday, their first meeting since April when the Red Sox were hovering around .500 and the Yankees sat just out of first place in the AL East. Things have changed for both clubs in the intervening weeks and months, with New York now on top of…

Braves’ masked superhero stumbles and still defeats another fan in mid-game race

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During Atlanta Braves games, there’s a mid-game entertainment break called Beat the Freeze, where one (un)lucky fan races against a superhero named The Freeze. A fan gets a 200-foot head start, and is then followed by The Freeze, who will certainly embarrass said fan. On Friday, we witnessed one fan who thought he had the…

Lazy baseball bird refused to move until it was touched by a glove

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It used to be that birds on the baseball field knew. They heard tales of Randy Johnson obliterating them from the mound, or being struck in the outfield but these lazy young birds have no respect for history. Just look at this effing bird. This avian lollygagger refused to flap its wings until Paul Goldschmidt…

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