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Minor league team apologizes for mercilessly mocking Tim Tebow all game

Tim Tebow’s baseball career will probably always be overshadowed by his football career, but that comes with the territory of being a Heisman-winning quarterback turned NFL bust turned minor league baseball player.

Over the weekend, Tebow’s Columbia Fireflies team took on a team in Charleston, S.C., and the RiverDogs took the opportunity to mess with Tebow all night. First, they used his infamous crying picture on its jumbotron. To refresh your memory, that photo made the rounds heavily on the internet after Florida’s loss to Alabama in the 2009 SEC Championship Game.

Before the game, Parker would throw a strike for her ceremonial first pitch, but that wasn’t the only cool part of her day she also got to meet more Royals players and coaches.

Since Parker grew up just 15 minutes from the Royals’ stadium, that was undoubtedly cool.

I think it’s like a childhood dream come true to get to meet the players. I don’t think I could’ve ever thought of any of that in my wildest dreams to get to interact with them that much, she said.

The Sooners ace is making a name for herself as one of college softball’s best pitchers this past season, she pitched to a record of 26-5 with a 1.43 ERA.

So it’s no wonder the Royals were impressed Parker can definitely throw.

George Steinbrenner was suspended from running the team because he paid a detective $40,000 to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield. Don Mattingly was hurt, and his career went downhill, even though he was just 29. Deion Sanders was hitting .158 for some reason.

And they lost a game 4-0 without allowing a hit. That was the 1990 Yankees. They never recovered except for all the times they did.

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Oregon State catcher makes amazing diving catch of a bunt to start a double play

The College World Series proper officially kicked off in Omaha on Saturday, and Oregon State drew Cal State Fullerton as their opponent in the opening early session. The Titans got up on the Beavers in the first half of the game, 5-1, with the help of a three-run bomb to left center and a two-run shot up the middle.

In the top of the sixth, Fullerton shortstop Timmy Richards, who hit the early home run, walked, then teammate Hank LoForte stepped up for a bunt to move him over.

So loose that they staged a mock spring football game before first pitch at Omaha’s TD Ameritrade ballpark. Here are the boys going out of the shotgun.

Tigers shortstop Kramer Robertson takes over quarterbacking duties and mimics college quarterbacks’ leg lift to ready the center pre-snap. The leg lift also appears to signal right fielder and big bat Greg Deichmann into motion, as he trots from the backfield out to the weak side receiver spot. The Tigers’ center, Antoine Duplantis, should also be hailed for getting off a clean snap. Well done.

It sounded so simple, but Molina had hit three triples in his previous 4,450 plate appearances. Two of them came at AT&T Park, a triples haven that extends to 420 feet in right center. There was absolutely no way, statistically, for Molina to hit a triple exactly when he needed one.

His fastball is nearly 2? miles slower than it was in 2015, and while velocity isn’t everything, it sure helps a heckuva lot. He’s still missing bats, still throwing strikes, but he isn’t getting the ball on the ground as much as he used to. That’s one part slower fastball, one part the league-wide uppercut fetish. One without the other wouldn’t be a big deal, but I’m guessing the combination is treating Arrieta harshly.

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Kershaw forced 2016’s best hitter

Mr. Met has every right to be furious about the monster he is and the world he was born into, and yet he’s there every day, doing his best and trying to be happy. He’s asked to dress like a player, and never gets to play the game. The team has never found a hat that fits him correctly, undoubtedly leading to nasty sunburn and he’s always smiling.

It has become baseball canon that Mr. and Mrs. Met are in a loving, committed, open relationship. In 2014 this became known when Royals’ mascot, Sluggerrr, revealed that he was one of Mrs. Met’s sexual conquests.

So for Tim Tebow to hit .216 against professional baseball players, years after playing any type of organized baseball, is really impressive to me.

ON THE OTHER HAND, he’s going to turn 30 in August, and he’s hitting .216 against 20-year-olds. He has a .302 on-base percentage and .327 slugging percentage. That wouldn’t be that big of a problem if he were a 19-year-old shortstop, but he’s not. He’s a clompy 29-year-old left fielder.

He might make the majors, and he might do it for that sweet, sweet shirsey money, but he is almost certainly not good enough to make the major leagues because of his baseball skill alone.

Which brings us to our new feature: Tebow Watch Watch, in which we look at different proclamations of Tebow having turned a corner and verify the claims.

Visions of a determined pitching-god warrior trotting in from the bullpen in Game 5 on short rest after throwing twice in the series is the campfire story Nats fans will regale to their children. As Kershaw worked to change his postseason narrative, at least for stubborn media members, the Nationals reaffirmed theirs. Kershaw forced 2016’s best hitter, Daniel Murphy, to popup and coaxed a Wilmer Difo strikeout to seal the series.

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The Yankees and Red Sox face off in a battle for 1st place

The Yankees and Red Sox begin a three-game series Tuesday, their first meeting since April when the Red Sox were hovering around .500 and the Yankees sat just out of first place in the AL East. Things have changed for both clubs in the intervening weeks and months, with New York now on top of the East with a two-game lead over Boston, who, for whatever it matters in early June, has the AL wild card lead.

Tuesday’s game will feature Masahiro Tanaka vs. Drew Pomeranz. Tanaka’s season started out rough with seven runs allowed in 2-2/3 innings, and has only gotten marginally better since. For the year, the guy who’s supposed to be the Yanks’ ace posted an 8.42 ERA in May while allowing 11 homers and a 1065 OPS. Meanwhile, Pomeranz took some time to shake off a spring training injury and had issues pitching deep into games to begin May, but has 19 strikeouts against one walk and just three earned runs allowed over his last two games, so maybe he’s coming around.

The more times I read it, though, I’m pretty sure Schmidt’s point is that a player who doesn’t speak English as a first language is immediately eliminated from clubhouse-leader contention. Which is absurd. Ken Rosenthal shot down the idea in one tweet:

And for the record, Herrera speaks English — enough to tell a teammate that he should run hard down the line or stop clipping his toenails in the clubhouse without cleaning them up. You know, leader stuff.

Schmidt has had better opinions — honestly admitting that steroids would have tempted him back in the day, for example — but this was a stinker. Spanish-speaking baseball players can be clubhouse leaders, and that shouldn’t be especially controversial.

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Braves’ masked superhero stumbles and still defeats another fan in mid-game race

During Atlanta Braves games, there’s a mid-game entertainment break called Beat the Freeze, where one (un)lucky fan races against a superhero named The Freeze. A fan gets a 200-foot head start, and is then followed by The Freeze, who will certainly embarrass said fan. On Friday, we witnessed one fan who thought he had the race in the bag, until he celebrated prematurely and faceplanted when he saw The Freeze pull ahead of him.

Don’t worry, McCain answered for all of that: See, what happened is just that his questions went over your head, and also he was tired because of watching the Diamondbacks play while he was on the East Coast.

Given McCain’s affinity for the D-Backs, it’s a little weird he didn’t inquire further about the infamous pee tape that the Russians are reported to be blackmailing President Donald Trump with. After all, peeing happening where peeing isn’t supposed to happen is something the D-Backs have concerned themselves with in the past.

Don’t worry, though, given how these questions went, we can be sure McCain will soon ask what the Dodgers know about Hillary Clinton’s emails and whether she did or did not pee in the Diamondbacks’ pool, too. There are rules about that sort of thing, you know.

If you’re looking for the teams that can match the Yankees in terms of sheer quantity of starting-caliber shortstops, there’s one in each league, and neither one was obvious before I ran the search.

Oh, he’s been fine, don’t get me wrong. But he hasn’t been the stellar sneaky-freaky-might-actually-get-some-stray-HOF-votes Zobrist that we’ve become used to over the last decade. This might be what he looks like at 36. The average dips because the bat isn’t as quick, and the OBP and slugging dip along with it.

Unless it’s just that stupid, rascally BABIP again, and let me check … eh, not really. I’d blame age and the fascism of biology. He’s up this high not because I think he’s going to be a drag, but because he might not be the most underrated player in baseball for the 10th consecutive year. He might be rated just fine.

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Lazy baseball bird refused to move until it was touched by a glove

It used to be that birds on the baseball field knew. They heard tales of Randy Johnson obliterating them from the mound, or being struck in the outfield but these lazy young birds have no respect for history. Just look at this effing bird.

This avian lollygagger refused to flap its wings until Paul Goldschmidt came over and tapped it on the back. On the one hand it’s nice to see a bird that’s not afraid of people, on the other it could have interrupted a very important play in a baseball game. Where’s the respect?

Lazy bird. Foul indeed.

But abandon hope all ye who enter a post of draft grades. There are gremlins in the elbow of this pitcher. There are holes in the swing of that hitter that will never be filled. There are problems that will not be fixed. For 700 picks, there will be problems that will not be fixed.

And then there will be All-Stars mixed in.

Even if we hope that all of these players thrive, that there isn’t a single miss anywhere in the first round, that just means the level of competition will have risen, and the failure will trickle down to the players who would have otherwise been successful.

In this respect, then, the Beavers are primed to make the CWS’ final weekend, since they enjoy the everyday bats of Steven Kwan and Nick Madrigal and a .412 slugging percentage. Oregon State won’t outscore you to death (they averaged just 6.1 runs per game this year), but the club also won’t be giving up many runs in the pitcher-friendly TD Ameritrade Stadium in Omaha, which, with winds blowing in from direct center, always plays bigger than teams’ home ballparks. Oregon State can indeed manufacture runs and build up scoring flurries with the best of the field.

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